A Biker's Life

A Biker’s Life

As I don my helmet and stare down that road,
my mind is cleansed off life’s heavy load,
as my engine is gunned and the bike starts running,
I smile and gaze at the wondrous nature stunning,

You know how it feels to have the wind on your face,
as you ride away from the city’s fast stressful pace,
You feel the bike rumble and growl in pleasure,
this joy, this peace, tell me how can one measure?

A biker’s life we lead and this we shall always know,
how else our passion can be fed and how can we let it grow?
Do not forget who you are and what you are meant to do,
A biker you are, will be and so to an uneventful life,
Bid a joyful Adieu…

Alpha Bikerni loves writing biker poetry

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