About COA

A Couple of Adventures chronicles the journey of two hardcore motorcyclists from India.

The gentleman, a doctor and a highly skilled offroader. Administrator of Wolfe Pack India-Pune chapter currently.  Started riding as a street racer and stunter, now ready to tour the world on his motorcycles.

Alias: Wild Child

The lady, founder and cocreator of India’s first and largest all-women motorcycle association, ‘The Bikerni’. Riding since the past ten years, she has many accolades to her name, recent ones including ‘Limca Book of Records‘ 2013, ‘Female Biker of the Year’ 2013 by Castrol and xBhp. She is an offroader and tourer who started off as a stunter.

Alias: Alpha Bikerni

Two amazing and unique individuals bound by the love for motorcycling and with a insatiable hunger to experience life on motorcycle journeys together.

Watch this space as we add our friends into ‘Team COA’

Follow our journey as we head out on ‘A Couple of Adventures’…

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