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Are you a True Wanderer?

True Wanderers 4.0 has won the hearts of motorcyclists in India.

Wrangler Denims is doing a lot of research on bikers and biker related wear in the recent years. Right from denims which can sustain wear and tear, repel water and high gusts of wind to cool back packs which have ample space to pack a biker helmet.

Get #RideReady with Wrangler
Get #RideReady with Wrangler

Apart from that, Wrangler Denims regularly organises contests for bikers on Social Media platforms where a participant can win cool merchandise, vouchers and even a bike if lucky!

Wrangler Denims ran many contests.
Wrangler Denims runs many contests for bikers across India.

But, one of their campaigns has really struck gold among the motorcycling community. The ‘True Wanderers’ contest (in association with running for the past four years originally began with the purpose of promoting the Wrangler denim range for bikers. The first contest involved calling out bikers to share their biking stories and then, 10 of out the participants were short-listed, to head out on solo road-trips sponsored by the brand, based on votes.

The 10 contestants were given a set of t-shirts and denims each as well as branded goodies for photography purposes from Wranglers . A daily trip-log had to be maintained by each of the contestants and submitted on the provided portal. The one with the most votes and judges approval with regards to the write-up, photography skills and popularity was chosen to be the winner.

In the first year of the contest, Praveen Selvam took the top honours through an amazing trip-log in True Wanderers edition 1.0 and rode home with a Hyosung ST-7. Read here: 

Praveen Selvam, True Wanderer 1.0
Praveen Selvam, True Wanderer 1.0


That was just the tip of the ice-berg and Wrangler Denims established a campaign that was here to stay. Read a review of the campaign by Social Samosa:

The latest winner i.e. in 2013 was Om Vaikul, with his brilliant photographic talent and style of simplistic but genuine writing, he captured the imagination of the judges and was declared a befitting winner of ‘True Wanderers 3.0’ and received a grand prize in the form of a Kawasaki Z800. How lucky he is! Read here:

Om Vaikul, True Wanderer 3.0
Om Vaikul, True Wanderer 3.0


Now we are in 2015 and Wrangler Denims has launched the fourth edition of the ever popular contest for bikers.

Are you a True Wanderer?Are you a True Wanderer?

The True Wanderers 4.0 contest is filled with exciting challenges and bigger prizes in store.  To begin with, you have to register on the website of True Wanderers before April 12, 2015: and submit a ride story in the any of the formats mentioned below;

Choose Travelogue Type
Choose Travelogue Type

Once you have your travelogue all perfect and filled out well, the post is put under admin approval for verification and post-approval, you have to get-set and ask all your friends, family, biker buddies, colleagues, class mates, teachers, neighbors, acquaintances and long-lost contacts to vote for you.

Do note, even though you may bring in the most votes, the esteemed panels of judges comprising of Para-Athletic Champion and Arjuna Awardee, Mrs.Deepa Malik, the effervescent ocean of knowledge, the one and only Mr. Sandeep Goswami a.k.a Old Fox and the extremely talented, MD of Triumph Motorcycles India, Mr. Vimal Sumbly as well as the back end team at ensure that only the worthy get into the list of Top 10.

True Wanderers 4.0 Judges Panel
           Mrs. Deepa Malik                                   Mr.Sandeep Goswami                       Mr. Vimal Sumbly               True Wanderers 4.0 Judges Panel

Post the voting, which ends on 15 April, 2015, the contestants will be requested to wait as the judges tally the votes in terms of genuine voting and  how well did the stories reach the rest of the biker community.

The lucky 10 who fit the bill will be announced over Social Media and bestowed with a chance to embark on a journey that will make or break their dreams to own the grand prize, a gorgeous Triumph Bonneville.

True Wanderer 4.0 Grand Prize
True Wanderer 4.0 Grand Prize


The top 10 contestants will be prepped up, handed over Wrangler merchandise for review and testing, their journey will  get featured in biking magazines, they will be gifted cool vouchers and a substantial budget for a 7 day trip to a destination of their choosing.

Wrangler is certainly taking a lot of efforts to win the hearts of bikers like us and to all of you who are uncertain on participating in the ongoing contest, let us make a few things clear;

  • It is quite an easy platform to register on as they have given several options to register easily through various Social Media platforms.
  • If you are not the type of person who writes, you can easily submit a photo blog instead.
  • People who participate have access to a free and popular portal if they are inclined to talk about the journeys they have made and love sharing it.
  • You are pretty close to going on an all-sponsored 7 day road-trip.
  • You ARE EVEN closer to winning a dream motorcycle for many, the Triumph Bonneville of the iconic Triumph family.

It is is quite obvious that the brand has become a favorite with bikers and adventure enthusiasts.  So, we suggest that you get on going and register on ‘True Wanderers’ as there are just a few days left for the entries to close.

You can find the dates here:

If you are still not convinced on registering and participating, we are sure you can help out your friends and vote for them. (Though we are pretty sure that you will participate.)

So, ARE YOU THE NEXT TRUE WANDERER? We surely hope so. All the very best!!!

Get Ready for the Ride of Your Life
Get Ready for the Ride of Your Life


*editors note*: Hope you liked the article, in case you have a bit of time, one of our own at ‘A Couple of Adventures’ is participating as well. Be a dear and do vote for him, he’s pretty excited about the contest. :D. His Travelogue:

10 Things a Woman Biker faces in India

10 Things a Woman Biker faces in India

1. An idiot who intentionally blocks the way and stares at you from the rear-view mirror.

Dude! I can totally see you staring at me from your rear-view mirror.
Dude! I can totally see you staring at me from your rear-view mirror.

2. A person who gets offended when you ride at a bit of speed as you rush to work or office and starts racing with you.

Really? Did I see you trying that now?
Really? Did I see you trying that now?

3. A person/people who ride besides you while looking you up and down with x-ray vision and tries to click photographs on the mobile phone.

Wow! Click blurred pictures of mine. When I find you, I will kill you!
Wow! Click blurred pictures of mine. When I find you, I will kill you!

4. A guy who overtakes you from the left while you are riding on your way home or heading to work just to annoy you.

I feel so attracted to you when you do that. Not!
I feel so attracted to you when you do that. Not!

5. A guy who overtakes you with a big ‘vroom’ on his bike and then stays just a bit ahead of you with a weird-ass racing position and performs unsafe stunts while you keep riding at a peaceful pace.

Oooh! That's a nice view!
Oooh! That’s a nice view!

6. A guy who you feel like kicking off his bike just because he is intentionally riding too close to you with the hope that you will lose your balance and fall off your bike.

You try that once more and I will push you off your bike.
You try that once more and I will push you off your bike.

7. A guy who tries to touch you as he passes by you on his bike.

You try that buddy and I will cut you to pieces.
You try that buddy and I will cut you to pieces.

8. A guy/guys in a car who tries to squeeze you towards the left or right of the road hoping you have an accident.

There's no other word for you but this. Chu&*#$!!!
There’s no other word for you but this. Chu&*#$!!!

9. A guy/guys at the signal who look you up and down while you wait and then annoyingly ‘vrooms’ off with a loud rev just before the signal turns green.

Awww! That's adorable! Let me just put on my jogging shoes and catch up with your speedy bike.
Awww! That’s adorable! Let me just put on my jogging shoes and catch up with your speedy bike.

10. And finally, people who ask you stupid questions and even though you answer them, they don’t register it because their main purpose of stopping you was to look you up and down.

Help me!!!
Help me!!!

So, that’s about a few of things a woman biker faces. What have you faced? Share it with us…

Images: Sourced from Google.


The #MRFNVMix console is the coolest thing that I have come across

Christmas came in early this year!

I had been cribbing to my friends on Social Media that a fun contest was just not in the circuit since ages. I was really bored of the slow activity and would just browse through feeds without commenting. Thankfully, as luck would have it, I happened to stumble upon a cool contest for bikers on the Twitter Handle of ‘MRF Tyres’ called the #MRFNVMIX contest.

Let me state a fact, I am more of a classic and adventure tourer motorcycling enthusiast but I had heard quite a positive bit about the touring capabilities of the Honda CBR250R so seized the opportunity right away.

Time to Register:

I found the registration process quite simple really, all I had to do was log on to the MRF NV website through my Facebook or Google+ id, create a music track and share it across all platforms.

Music track, you say? I was a bit nervous myself. Was I expected to create a DJ track or upload a song in my voice because believe it or not, I have the voice of an angel (A drunk angel with a bad throat, to clarify).

MRFNVMIX console
The #MRFNVMIX Console

To be honest, I never knew that biking sounds could be used as musical instruments until I made my #MRFNVMix track.

Once I logged in, I was redirected to a ‘Get Started’ panel with the message ‘USE BIKE SOUNDS, CREATE YOUR MRF NV MIX AND WIN A CBR 250R.’ This was getting pretty interesting indeed.

Within the section, I found turntable panels with track types options so that I could select the genre I wanted to make my music track in.

a) Hip Hop


b) Bollywood


c) EDM


d) Rock


Why EDM has become so popular-” Foot-tapping beats+ supercool biking sounds.

I decided to select the EDM console as I prefer electronic over other genres for the long road-trips. It keeps me energetic and awake because of the high-speed rhythms.

Time to Make Music

The EDM console presented me with options based on two styles of motorcycle riding.

One of them highlighted the sounds of a street-bike (the Zapper console) while the other focused on the sounds made by an off-road bike (Mo-Grip console).

FYI: The Zapper and the Mo-Grip are one of the most popular tires sold by MRF.

The Mo-Grip console consisted of sounds that were recorded by taking the bike off-road. If you are one of those who believe in going off the beaten path then I will suggest you to choose these sounds for sure.

The engine sound used in the #MRFNVMix makes my heart race.
Why wouldn’t it? It consisted of all the sounds I love as an off-roader. Right from, the splash in the water, the self-start revs (though I am more of a kick-starter), gear-shift and many more. I picked the biking sounds I wanted to add to my mix. I really loved the sound of the gear-shift in my EDM track because it sounded just like my ride.

I had the option to preview my mixes and after a couple of attempts I was all set with my EDM track.

I selected submit and voila! my track was ready for listening. It even displays a video of a motor-bike dancing to my track which I really liked. I quickly downloaded the track as my ring-tone (Yes!There is an option to do that.) and nowadays all that I have been doing is urging, coaxing and threatening friends and fans to share my track. I really want that motorbike.

The reason I am raving so much about the contest is because the #MRFNVMIX console really made me feel like a DJ for the first time in my life and it sure did make all the right noises.

The contest is still on for a couple of weeks.

So, there is still time to register on and get winning.

P.S: The also have a lot of mini contests running around the same hash-tag, so you have an option to win one or all of these. Good luck guys!

MRF NV Prizes
MRF NV Prizes


Vote for Me!!!

WiLD CHiLD achieves his dream!

Golden Quadrilateral of India
Golden Quadrilateral of India

A little boy sat in a car as his family drove across the NH4 highway. He looked at his brother and said, “Bhaiya, ha highway asa kiti lamb ahe? (How far does this highway go?)”. His curiosity for the mysteries that the highway held always stayed with him as he grew up. His friends and family were told again and again about his dream to travel alone across the ‘Suvarna Chaturbhurj’ or the ‘Golden Quadrilateral’ of India.

All my bags are packed
All my bags are packed

He was now 23 and a hard-core motorcyclist. He lived and breathed motorcycles. He knew it was time to complete his dream. He researched his route, set a meager budget for himself, packed his bags, said good-bye to his family and friends and set out alone.

Lone man's journey
Lone man’s journey

Drenched in the torrential downpours of July, broken roads and endless traffic did not deter him from his journey. He slept on the high-ways, stayed in shady hotels in a dark corner of the high-way and sometimes with luck, was hosted by old friends and new.

People sweet enough to take him around their city, share the space of their home, treat him with the delicious delicacies of their city. Share a cup of tea at the dhabas. Escort him on the way out of their city and see him off. We are thankful that wonderful people like them exist.

Anirban Kundu from Eastern Bulls
Ranabir Dada from Easter Bulls
Rahul Ray from Team Momozz

An average of 850+ kms a day, sips of tea and water, and an occasional nap. That’s all he did every day as he traversed through different cities and met a variety of people who were friendly and interested in his journey.

He had a tight budget as he had put in endless hours to save up for the journey. Rs. 20,000 was what he had initially planned but eventually Rs.5,000 more had to be added to the budget.

He ate little, spent his journey on endless highways talking to family on his Sena SMH-10 bluetooth headset and intercom and took occasional breaks to click beautiful shots on his camera.

His motorcycle’s silencer fell off twice. The tyre got punctured. The nuts of his crash guard fell off. These were but little bumps on his route which got solved in no time at all.

Here I am on the road again
Here I am on the road again

His last 28 hours of the journey were the toughest. He just wanted to get back home on the day he promised he would. He knew his loved ones were waiting and he was eager to see their faces again. So more disciplines were set, less food breaks, shorter naps and non-stop riding. He rode his way home, all muddy and wet, 1650 kms from Delhi to Pune.

On his way past Mumbai, his sprocket went bald and his rear brake liners wore out. He was riding carefully now as he did not want any breakdowns now that he was so close to home.

Just 50 kms before his town, he saw a group of people standing in the dark. When Incognito shone his light on them, he recognized them as his loved ones! They were waiting to greet him and take him back home. There were tears and cheers. Every heart there was filled with joy to see him and so was he. What else could happiness be?

Happy to see him
Mom crying tears of joy

This little boy, now a man, achieved his dream through his determination, while so many people dream to do many things but never go ahead out of apprehensions. He rode hard for 8 days, through 13 states, through 9 capitals, through 4 metros, past hundred thousand people, made a mark of 6850 kms, a single rider on a single motorcycle.

Face of a Warrior

He achieved a childhood dream as a man. At Team aCOA, we are happy to say that we are truly proud of him and pray that he achieves even more.




Memories remain until we meet and ride again

A crazy road-trip to Chikhaldhara

In the beginning…there was a plan

In the Beginning
In the Beginning

There we were, eating each other’s brain on the best places  to head on a ride to at a minimum distance of 500 kms (one way) and get away from the city’s hectic pace.

We were confused between Omkareshwar, Mandav and Pachmarhi in Madhya Pradesh. Everyone who got to know about our upcoming weekend trip advised us against traveling in the heat and facing the tough election crowd in MP.

Battle For Madhya Pradesh
Battle For Madhya Pradesh

Sourabh was set on travelling to Pachmarhi and I was tied between Mandav- a city of ancient ruins and historical significance, and Pachmarhi-a beautiful hill resort in the Satpura ranges also known as ‘Satpura Ki Rani.’




Finally, after a lot of debate we got to a common conclusion and began preparations for the 1800 km roundtrip over the weekend to Pachmarhi.

Our plan of action was to leave by 8 on Friday evening after work and reach Pachmarhi by 11 am the next day. It was to be just the two of us so we were ensured of minimum delays due to our disciplined style of riding.

And then, Sourabh decided to play it cool and posted a simple query on the ‘HV Kumar’ forum. ‘Which is the best route to head to Pachmarhi in the night?’

Within a few minutes a barrage of advices and (abuses from fellow rider friends in the inbox) poured in. Friends which included Rohit Upadhyay, Krishna Ragunathan, HV Kumar himself and a few others advised us against heading on that route especially during the night time.

Fortunately, Amit Nikam from Amravati gave a call to Sourabh and suggested Chikhaldhara- a hill station in his district and kindly offered to cancel his own plans to head to Pachmarhi. He was gracious enough to suggest a good place to stay in Chikhaldhara and show us around the area over the weekend. I got in touch with Roshan Bawankar from Nagpur who informed me that he would be joining us as well.

This seemed to be a start to an interesting and exciting weekend indeed.


Friday is here!
Friday is here!

Trying to catch up on a few hours of sleep, heading back home from clinic, office, the service station and then saddle up, we were on a tight schedule indeed.

Sourabh getting his tyres changed
Sourabh getting his tyres changed

Sometimes, all the pre-planning and preparations in the world can go down the drain due to unexpected turn of events.

I was frustrated as my motorcycle wasn’t ready from her doctoring and Sourabh had to change his rear tyre and fix a few dents. With a lot of running helter-skelter we still managed to squeeze in a refreshing nap before riding out at 8 pm sharp.

Dhanno is finally given a go from her Doctor
Dhanno is finally given a go from her Doctor

At 7.50 pm (praise be to the biker gods!) we were astride our motorcycles and navigating our way out of the ever worsening Pune city traffic. We were in full superhero mode, keeping a distance of 10 feet from each other, connected on our Sena SMH10 headsets and smoothly avoiding the commercial vehicles blocking our way.

The start route:

We set out from Pune at 8 pm, I was apprehensive about the traffic as heavy trucks and trailers slow the Ahmednagar route at night. I had promised myself to avoid eating as I did not want to fall asleep while riding. (Even after years of disciplined non-stop riding, I still feel nervous about hindering my fellow riders unnecessarily.)

As usual Sourabh was all chilled out and planning the food stops for the entire route. The best delicacies at our route stops were photographed into his brain.

Sourabh fueling up
Sourabh fueling up

We stopped a bit ahead of Smilestone Café, Ahmednagar Road to refuel our tanks just before the petrol was set to get over. We did not have time to refuel as we were stuck at work during the day. A fresh, light breeze was blowing in the night and our respective club flags were fluttering gaily.

Flags fluttering in the wind
Flags fluttering in the wind

We reached Aurangabad at 11 pm and were quite hungry. We spotted a rustic, vegetarian dhaba called ‘Deluxe Dhaba’ and attacked the food as soon it was served. Dal Tadka and Shev Bhaji, (a famous local Maharashtrian dish) was our nourishment for the night. After a few quick cups of tea, we set off again at a steady pace.

Yaay! Food
Yaay! Food

We stopped at a place called Chikhali for Sugarcane Juice (Can you believe it?) at 2 am in the morning! Curious night-bus travellers scanned us and our respective motorbikes and then we saw a policeman trudging towards us. I wondered why he wanted to speak to us. He asked us where had we had ridden in from. Sourabh answered that we are travelling to Chikhaldhara from Pune.

Sugarcane juice at Chikhali
Sugarcane juice at Chikhali

He gave us a curious glance and inquired the time we had embarked from our city. Sourabh replied that we had left at 8 pm. He was taken aback, he just couldn’t get over the fact that we were already here in Chikhali. We explained to him (and the curious listeners surrounding him) that we when we ride together, we rarely take long breaks and are used to riding at a non-stop pace. (It helped that we were connected on the Sena SHM-10 dual kit as it keeps boredom and fatigue at bay.)

Gearing up for the road ahead
Gearing up for the road ahead

Chikali to Khamgaon:

Sourabh has spoken to the locals and they advised us to ride to Chikhaldhara from Akot instead of Akola as the two lane roads were moderately decent and we could save a few kilometres from our ride. As we approached Khamgaon, we decided to give Amit Nikam a call and inform him that we would be reaching our destination in a few short hours.

A sleepy Amit told us to slow down our journey. He informed that he would take some time to leave as our earlier estimated time was way later that our estimated arrival time of now. We could clearly understand his predicament; we had already met quite a few people who were flabbergasted at the pace of our journey.

You did what?!
You did what?!

So, we slowed down our speed, we were now riding at 75-80 kmph and Sourabh who is new to all-nighter rides was feeling a bit woozy.

Anyhow, the slowing down of speed was beckoning drowsiness towards us. Sourabh slowed down at a small courtyard outside an office on the pretext of eating biscuits and drinking water and lay down on the ground to steal a nap. I was not used to sleeping due to previous rides as a solo lady motorcyclist. So I stayed awake as a night watchman and protected my knight from harm’s way. Who could mess with two scary looking motorcyclists with saddle bags and flag poles, big helmets and complete riding gear? And Ninja techniques to (steel-toe) boot!

Sourabh taking a nap
Sourabh taking a nap

Sourabh woke up after 20 minutes, while I passed the time on Whatsapp and Instagram. He was refreshed and we decided to ride on ahead.

We crossed Shegaon and Akot at a speedy pace and then I heard a voice filled with trouble mumbling through the Sena. Sourabh was feeling uneasy and we couldn’t find a tea-stall for a quick sip of refreshing tea. We managed to find a place to rest outside a school in Anjangaon.

Nap at Anjangaon
Nap at Anjangaon

25 minutes of nap time while I watched the sun light up the sky. Finally, shook Sourabh awake out of sheer boredom and gave a call to Amit Nikam who informed us that he had an issue with his motorcycle and would take some time to reach. We decided to ride on towards Paratwada and wait there for Amit. I asked if we would get Parathas and Wadas to eat at our next stop. Sourabh slowed down his bike to give me a disgusted look. I couldn’t help but crack that PJ!

We reach Paratwada
We reach Paratwada

We reached Paratwada and crashed under a tree in a field by the road side. Amit was taking some time and we waited patiently for an hour even though we were excited to head towards the hill station. Finally, Amit turned up on his Thunderbird 350 as his Duke 390 was facing issues.

We are waiting selfie
We are waiting selfie

Onwards to Chikhaldhara:

And the fun began. Dhanno was facing some trouble just when the ghats started and it was time to roll, coughs and misfiring did not let us reach our destination at the pace we were aiming for.

Sourabh took over Dhanno as I was getting nauseated due to the sudden jerks of the motorcycle. From Paratwada it was a short ride of 35 kms or so, which took us an hour to complete due to motorcycle issues.

Amit joins us
Amit joins us

Resort Melghat here we come:

A quaint resort overlooking the hills greeted us. It was sunny but windy at the same time even though it was 8 am in the morning. Sourabh mentioned that it seemed like it was daylight of 11am at 7 am. We decided to freshen up, grab some sleep, have lunch and head to Melghat Tiger Reserve.

The rooms were quite spacious and had coolers installed. The beds were comfortable and the bathrooms clean. What more could a traveller ask for?

Delicious Waradhi Chicken, Paneer Bhurji and Dal Tadka are what we attacked out of sheer hunger. Three hot cups of tea and we were all set to ride to the forest reserve.

Saturday's lunch
Saturday’s lunch

As Dhanno wasn’t fine, I sat pillion with Sourabh and Amit rode his Thunderbird named ‘Blackout’. Roshan Bawankar was going to join us late evening from Nagpur. We wanted to go for the afternoon safari so we decided to ride ahead without him.

Amit looking all cool with Blackout-his steed
Amit looking all cool with Blackout-his steed

Sourabh took some time to test Incognito’s bash-plate sponsored by Via Terra Gear to Urvashi.

Via-Terra's bash plate performs really well
Via-Terra’s bash plate performs really well

Safari Time:

It took us an hour to reach the forest office for reservations. We booked a safari jeep with an open top. We had a talkative and informative guide with us who knew his way around the place.

We start our jungle safari
We start our jungle safari

The Safari started at 5 pm and we weaved through the forests filled with dry vegetation and tall trees. The first wildlife we had a glimpse of the regal Sambar stag and then a group of white Langoors as well.

Bison Selfie

Bison Selfie

After a bit of scouting, we managed to see a sounder of wild boars walking through the forest. A few dancing peacocks entertained our sights as we passed a small stream. Their majestic feathered tails were a treat to our sights. Just when the tour was coming to an end, a herd of Wild Bison or Gaur with white stockings on their hooves blocked our way. They watched us slowly crawl our way between them in our jeep. The herd mother closely scrutinizing us for any odd movements.

Bison and calf
Bison and calf: Pic by Amit Nikam

Observing us calmly: Pic by Amit Nikam

This was certainly an interesting and educational safari. The driver and guide told us that tiger and animals sightings in general were very few in the reserve, so they had built water ponds for the animals to encourage the animals to move around. They fill the ponds at night and the water is completely over by morning just by the sheer number of animals who visit for a drink of refreshing water. The forest reserve assigns men to take care of the water ponds. On our way back, we spotted a serpent eagle and Amit quickly captured some amazing shots on his DSLR.

Serpent Eagle: Pic by Amit Nikam
Serpent Eagle: Pic by Amit Nikam

This Safari made our decision of purchasing our very own Gypsy even stronger as this vehicle was taking us through every up and downhill climb and dirt route with ease.

Into the sunset
Into the sunset

We got done with our safari at 7 pm and had to rush back through the dark forest to greet Roshan before he rode in. We took a wrong route and were stopped by forest officials who gave us a lecture but Sourabh spoke to them calmly and they let us continue on our route without any hindrance.

Roshan Bawankar joins us from Nagpur
Roshan Bawankar joins us from Nagpur

Roshan was waiting for us to return at the resort, we were glad to see him indeed! We quickly ordered for dinner and starters, settled down with our respective drinks and talked long into the night sharing biking experiences. Sourabh was all excited to dole out his worldy gyaan in the context of motorcycling especially to Roshan. Gyaani Baba Jai Ho!

I was fast asleep all through the evening and woke up at 11.30 pm as I had stayed awake the entire previous night. Luckily, dinner was not eaten yet so I joined them for cold food in the breezy cold night. And more Sourabh Baba gyaan was doled out. Was fun to talk to Amit and Roshan and hear how they got into motorcycling and it was lovely to see their intense passion for biking.

We were all dead tired! It was time to sleep and we struggled slowly into our rooms at around 2 am in the morning. It was lights out time.

Sunday Morning at Chikhaldhara!

Sourabh and Amit with the Wolfe Pack flag
Sourabh and Amit with the Wolfe Pack flag

We tried fixing the plug that Roshan had got for Dhanno from Nagpur. Unfortunately; we did not have the right kind of tools so fixing the motorcycle wasn’t an easy task. The only way out was to take the help of a mechanic on the way back. We lounged in an open field for a while.

Lounging Around
Lounging Around

There was a dirt road uphill so Sourabh and Roshan went all out on the dirt while Amit and I captured them in action. I was sorely missing out on the fun.

Off roading fun
Off Roading fun
Kusti time

We heard about a famous dhaba in Paratwada called ‘Punjab Rao Patil’. It was famous for Waradhi Chicken and how could we miss out on a famous delicacy authentically prepared.

Punjab Rao Patil da Dhaba
Punjab Rao Patil da Dhaba

We ordered for Paneer Kheema Curry and Waradhi Chicken Curry. Oily and spicy Waradhi style chicken was certainly delicious but the odd dry and thick bhakari was certainly not a delight to the palate. Paneer bhurji in curry form is a bad idea. Warning: Do not ever ever ever try this at home.

Lunch at Punjab Rao's
Lunch at Punjab Rao’s

After lunch, we stopped at a mechanic who replaced the plug for us with the right tools. We bid a fond goodbye to Amit and Roshan and thanked them for their wonderful company and warm hospitality. It was truly sweet of them to ride all the way to Chikhaldhara to spend time with us.

Grumpy face after lunch?
Grumpy face after lunch?

Pitstop at Dhule!

We were sorely exhausted. Dhanno performed well for 5 kms, but after that, she kept on misfiring and giving hundreds of jerks. We were riding at a speed of 70 kmph and sleep was overpowering us due to the slow pace. We had now been riding for 5 hours and had crossed Khamgaon. We stopped at a dhaba for a nap but decided not to eat.

Taking a much needed nap
Taking a much needed nap

We drank cups of tea and lots of water instead. There had been an accident on the highway so our pace was even slower than before.

Chai-Our saviour
Chai-Our saviour

We wanted to reach Sourabh’s hometown to give his mother a surprise visit but things were looking bleak. We were 200 kms away from Dhule. By the time we were in the district, it was 1.30 am in the morning. Luckily, Sourabh’s relatives resided in the city and so we crashed at their home for the night. They were very happy to see him after ages and were very sweet to us. We slept off immediately and woke up early the next day.

Traffic jam allowed another nap
Traffic jam allowed another nap

After a meet and greet with all the relatives and a quick cup of tea, we were off again in the direction of Narayangaon. Dhanno was fine for around 20 kms to our delight and then finally gave up on us, out of sheer desperation as it was an EFI issue; we decided to tow our way back home.

Sourabh's folks in Dhule
Sourabh’s folks in Dhule

We harnessed Dhanno to Incognito with strong rope tied to the chassis. It required a lot of co-ordination as a very strong jerk would course through both motorcycles if we let the rope go slack. We had to maintain a steady tension on the rope and it was certainly a task to weave through all the village traffic.

Dhanno get's towed by Incognito
Dhanno get’s towed by Incognito

At one point, we stopped by the side of the highway and spotted a person on a Royal Enfield passing by. He spotted us and stopped immediately, and so did a car. They were from the nearest Royal Enfield showroom situated in Malegaon.

They offered to take Dhanno back to the service station and fix her completely. We were tempted to stay back and get the work done but we had a promise to keep and also get Dhanno back to Pune as soon as possible. We thanked them and took their contact details in-case of an emergency and continued on our journey.

Curious on-lookers at every stop
Curious on-lookers at every stop

We kept on riding at an average speed of 80 kmph. I even took a video of Dhanno being towed from my Iphone 4S. Eventually, we reached a deviation which would take us through a route which was covered with gravel and dirt. Sourabh took Incognito ahead gingerly while I balanced Dhanno behind him. Unfortunately, the tow rope wedged and started wrapping itself on the front disc brake and speedometer cable drive and I shouted at Sourabh to stop and broke a fall with an impact on my right leg. My knee took the brunt with a sprain but luckily, the motorcycles did not fall which I was glad about. And this ended a 100 km long towing spree.

The speedometer cable drive was crushed into smithereens! We untied the tow rope and moved on ahead praying that this should be the last of a series of unexpected events. The only time we made a stop was to drink Neera (Palm tree) juice from a highway stall and relentlessly pushed our way to Sourabh’s hometown. Sourabh even pushed Dhanno on uphill climbs with his foot which was commendable.

Neera Juice on the highway
Neera Juice on the highway

We reached Home!

We are almost at Narayangaon!
We are almost at Narayangaon!

We were dying to reach home. Get unpacked and take off our gears and crash under the fan. We wanted to gorge on heavenly food prepared by Sourabh’s mother. We wanted to reach our destination as soon as we could.

And we reached home finally! Aunty was pleasantly surprised and extremely happy to see us. Dhanno was parked and so we parked ourselves as well.

We had a grand time after a torturous ride. Played cricket with the neighbourhood children, talked a lot, took a family nap together in one room which was super fun, Sourabh’s mom made an attempt to groom me by combing my hair which was a daunting task after a ride. Sourabh’s extremely adorable sisters, Poorva and Uma, Sourabh and I went for the ‘Goddess MuktaBai Yatra’ where we had fun on a giant wheel ride. After that, we played games and shopped in the fair’s stalls. We ended a gala time with Narayangaon’s famous ‘Mohan ki Bhel’ and Ragda Pattice.

Grooming sessions
Grooming sessions

We got back home and enjoyed ‘VaranPhal’ prepared by Sourabh’s mother which is a mix of dal and boiled flat wheat slices. Sourabh slept off while I enjoyed chatting late into the night with his family members. We woke up early in the morning, and bid our goodbyes after a strong cup of tea. Luckily, Dhanno did not give trouble on the way back. We headed directly to our workplaces and got on with our work as if the last three days of adventure never even happened.

Famous Muktabai Yatra Fair
Famous Muktabai Yatra Fair

It was certainly an amazing ride to Chikhaldhara and we got to know how good a team we could be. It was great to meet friends and spend time with family as well.

Memories remain until we meet and ride again
Memories remain until we meet and ride again

Signing off: Until next time,                                                                                                                          Team aCOA.

Motorcycle Towing COA style

Alpha Bikerni’s motorcycle was giving trouble. With no service station in sight for the sensor and relay issues, Wild Child decided to let the superhuman ‘Incognito’ show his magic.
We towed for more than 100 kilometres.

The Couple on Motorcycles

There she was on a lonely space,
She rode on at a breakneck pace,
It was her aim to saddle up and fly,
It was her past she was getting past by.

There he was in a pensive place,
He had around him a charming grace,
He thought a lot and always pondering,
Still he was wandering, laughing with a glow on his face.

They met at a junction to a crazy bend,
They never imagined how it would end,
They never gave a thought to what would be,
They knew things should be left to mother destiny.

She a rebel of a different kind,
He a dynamite but with a calm happy mind,
They rode together and sparks did fly,
Oh my did they see, the turning of the caterpillar into an exotic butterfly?

Down that road, their bikes do sing,
They fly through life on happy wings,
They resonate together like melodious notes,
They flow like two joining rivers, each other they truly dote.

They are the same, but have different debatable thoughts,
The know exactly that these everyday moments cannot be bought,
They argue, they disagree, they laugh, they cry,
But to love each other is pure, they never have to lie.

Their souls are one,
They are truly meant to be,
You will never find a couple,
As unique as him and she.

She loves him as much as she loves to ride,
He loves her as much as he loves the clear, blue skies,
If they loved each other even a bit more,
Maybe the sky would burst,
Down would come angels and turn these two to dust.

They could never bear a love so pure,
It would pain them to see human emotions so clear and sure.

He is fire, she is light,
With him she smiles in pure happiness,
To his happy delight.

He is the wind, she the cool breeze,
He laughs even in sorrow,
He emits pure peace.

They will be stuff of legends one day,
They already are,
These two mad people,
Will shine on like the brightest star.

John’s Motto for Riding

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