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Are you a True Wanderer?

True Wanderers 4.0 has won the hearts of motorcyclists in India.

Wrangler Denims is doing a lot of research on bikers and biker related wear in the recent years. Right from denims which can sustain wear and tear, repel water and high gusts of wind to cool back packs which have ample space to pack a biker helmet.

Get #RideReady with Wrangler
Get #RideReady with Wrangler

Apart from that, Wrangler Denims regularly organises contests for bikers on Social Media platforms where a participant can win cool merchandise, vouchers and even a bike if lucky!

Wrangler Denims ran many contests.
Wrangler Denims runs many contests for bikers across India.

But, one of their campaigns has really struck gold among the motorcycling community. The ‘True Wanderers’ contest (in association with running for the past four years originally began with the purpose of promoting the Wrangler denim range for bikers. The first contest involved calling out bikers to share their biking stories and then, 10 of out the participants were short-listed, to head out on solo road-trips sponsored by the brand, based on votes.

The 10 contestants were given a set of t-shirts and denims each as well as branded goodies for photography purposes from Wranglers . A daily trip-log had to be maintained by each of the contestants and submitted on the provided portal. The one with the most votes and judges approval with regards to the write-up, photography skills and popularity was chosen to be the winner.

In the first year of the contest, Praveen Selvam took the top honours through an amazing trip-log in True Wanderers edition 1.0 and rode home with a Hyosung ST-7. Read here: 

Praveen Selvam, True Wanderer 1.0
Praveen Selvam, True Wanderer 1.0


That was just the tip of the ice-berg and Wrangler Denims established a campaign that was here to stay. Read a review of the campaign by Social Samosa:

The latest winner i.e. in 2013 was Om Vaikul, with his brilliant photographic talent and style of simplistic but genuine writing, he captured the imagination of the judges and was declared a befitting winner of ‘True Wanderers 3.0’ and received a grand prize in the form of a Kawasaki Z800. How lucky he is! Read here:

Om Vaikul, True Wanderer 3.0
Om Vaikul, True Wanderer 3.0


Now we are in 2015 and Wrangler Denims has launched the fourth edition of the ever popular contest for bikers.

Are you a True Wanderer?Are you a True Wanderer?

The True Wanderers 4.0 contest is filled with exciting challenges and bigger prizes in store.  To begin with, you have to register on the website of True Wanderers before April 12, 2015: and submit a ride story in the any of the formats mentioned below;

Choose Travelogue Type
Choose Travelogue Type

Once you have your travelogue all perfect and filled out well, the post is put under admin approval for verification and post-approval, you have to get-set and ask all your friends, family, biker buddies, colleagues, class mates, teachers, neighbors, acquaintances and long-lost contacts to vote for you.

Do note, even though you may bring in the most votes, the esteemed panels of judges comprising of Para-Athletic Champion and Arjuna Awardee, Mrs.Deepa Malik, the effervescent ocean of knowledge, the one and only Mr. Sandeep Goswami a.k.a Old Fox and the extremely talented, MD of Triumph Motorcycles India, Mr. Vimal Sumbly as well as the back end team at ensure that only the worthy get into the list of Top 10.

True Wanderers 4.0 Judges Panel
           Mrs. Deepa Malik                                   Mr.Sandeep Goswami                       Mr. Vimal Sumbly               True Wanderers 4.0 Judges Panel

Post the voting, which ends on 15 April, 2015, the contestants will be requested to wait as the judges tally the votes in terms of genuine voting and  how well did the stories reach the rest of the biker community.

The lucky 10 who fit the bill will be announced over Social Media and bestowed with a chance to embark on a journey that will make or break their dreams to own the grand prize, a gorgeous Triumph Bonneville.

True Wanderer 4.0 Grand Prize
True Wanderer 4.0 Grand Prize


The top 10 contestants will be prepped up, handed over Wrangler merchandise for review and testing, their journey will  get featured in biking magazines, they will be gifted cool vouchers and a substantial budget for a 7 day trip to a destination of their choosing.

Wrangler is certainly taking a lot of efforts to win the hearts of bikers like us and to all of you who are uncertain on participating in the ongoing contest, let us make a few things clear;

  • It is quite an easy platform to register on as they have given several options to register easily through various Social Media platforms.
  • If you are not the type of person who writes, you can easily submit a photo blog instead.
  • People who participate have access to a free and popular portal if they are inclined to talk about the journeys they have made and love sharing it.
  • You are pretty close to going on an all-sponsored 7 day road-trip.
  • You ARE EVEN closer to winning a dream motorcycle for many, the Triumph Bonneville of the iconic Triumph family.

It is is quite obvious that the brand has become a favorite with bikers and adventure enthusiasts.  So, we suggest that you get on going and register on ‘True Wanderers’ as there are just a few days left for the entries to close.

You can find the dates here:

If you are still not convinced on registering and participating, we are sure you can help out your friends and vote for them. (Though we are pretty sure that you will participate.)

So, ARE YOU THE NEXT TRUE WANDERER? We surely hope so. All the very best!!!

Get Ready for the Ride of Your Life
Get Ready for the Ride of Your Life


*editors note*: Hope you liked the article, in case you have a bit of time, one of our own at ‘A Couple of Adventures’ is participating as well. Be a dear and do vote for him, he’s pretty excited about the contest. :D. His Travelogue:


The #MRFNVMix console is the coolest thing that I have come across

Christmas came in early this year!

I had been cribbing to my friends on Social Media that a fun contest was just not in the circuit since ages. I was really bored of the slow activity and would just browse through feeds without commenting. Thankfully, as luck would have it, I happened to stumble upon a cool contest for bikers on the Twitter Handle of ‘MRF Tyres’ called the #MRFNVMIX contest.

Let me state a fact, I am more of a classic and adventure tourer motorcycling enthusiast but I had heard quite a positive bit about the touring capabilities of the Honda CBR250R so seized the opportunity right away.

Time to Register:

I found the registration process quite simple really, all I had to do was log on to the MRF NV website through my Facebook or Google+ id, create a music track and share it across all platforms.

Music track, you say? I was a bit nervous myself. Was I expected to create a DJ track or upload a song in my voice because believe it or not, I have the voice of an angel (A drunk angel with a bad throat, to clarify).

MRFNVMIX console
The #MRFNVMIX Console

To be honest, I never knew that biking sounds could be used as musical instruments until I made my #MRFNVMix track.

Once I logged in, I was redirected to a ‘Get Started’ panel with the message ‘USE BIKE SOUNDS, CREATE YOUR MRF NV MIX AND WIN A CBR 250R.’ This was getting pretty interesting indeed.

Within the section, I found turntable panels with track types options so that I could select the genre I wanted to make my music track in.

a) Hip Hop


b) Bollywood


c) EDM


d) Rock


Why EDM has become so popular-” Foot-tapping beats+ supercool biking sounds.

I decided to select the EDM console as I prefer electronic over other genres for the long road-trips. It keeps me energetic and awake because of the high-speed rhythms.

Time to Make Music

The EDM console presented me with options based on two styles of motorcycle riding.

One of them highlighted the sounds of a street-bike (the Zapper console) while the other focused on the sounds made by an off-road bike (Mo-Grip console).

FYI: The Zapper and the Mo-Grip are one of the most popular tires sold by MRF.

The Mo-Grip console consisted of sounds that were recorded by taking the bike off-road. If you are one of those who believe in going off the beaten path then I will suggest you to choose these sounds for sure.

The engine sound used in the #MRFNVMix makes my heart race.
Why wouldn’t it? It consisted of all the sounds I love as an off-roader. Right from, the splash in the water, the self-start revs (though I am more of a kick-starter), gear-shift and many more. I picked the biking sounds I wanted to add to my mix. I really loved the sound of the gear-shift in my EDM track because it sounded just like my ride.

I had the option to preview my mixes and after a couple of attempts I was all set with my EDM track.

I selected submit and voila! my track was ready for listening. It even displays a video of a motor-bike dancing to my track which I really liked. I quickly downloaded the track as my ring-tone (Yes!There is an option to do that.) and nowadays all that I have been doing is urging, coaxing and threatening friends and fans to share my track. I really want that motorbike.

The reason I am raving so much about the contest is because the #MRFNVMIX console really made me feel like a DJ for the first time in my life and it sure did make all the right noises.

The contest is still on for a couple of weeks.

So, there is still time to register on and get winning.

P.S: The also have a lot of mini contests running around the same hash-tag, so you have an option to win one or all of these. Good luck guys!

MRF NV Prizes
MRF NV Prizes


Vote for Me!!!

John’s Motto for Riding

Get into the mind of the biker. Check out John Abraham talk about his motto for riding.

John Abraham & Castrol Biking are coming up with something special just for you! Save the date! 9th April.

Check it out!: John’s Motto for Riding:

John Abraham talks about superbikes

Get into the mind of the biker. Check out John Abraham talk about superbikes.

John Abraham & Castrol Biking are coming up with something special just for you! Save the date! 9th April.

Check it out! John Abraham Talks About Superbikes


BOBMC-It all began with a simple thought

It is not easy to create a platform where clubs from different parts of India and with varied ideologies and functioning have thumped in harmony for the past twelve years.


Sometimes, a simple vision and thought can create the best out of what seems as nothing at the start. A vision to create a common platform for bulleteers and a way to spread the spirit of brotherhood, this is exactly what brought on the birth of  the ‘Brotherhood of Bulleteers Motorcycling Consortium’ in short called popularly as ‘BOBMC’.

BOBMC Brotherhood
BOBMC Brotherhood

BOBMC is brotherhood and brotherhood is BOBMC. Wonderfully intertwined and beautifully executed in the form of the ‘Rider Mania’ (conceptualized by Vernon Dias-Madras Bulls), a Royal Enfield owners event held annually by a different member club of BOBMC. An event where clubs present their colors proudly, where beer flows freely and so does good humour. Where clubs engage in good willed events against each other to see the best bulleteers win.

The friendships forged here are for life. If you ever vroom through a brother club’s state or town, or if you are in distress, these friends for life are just a throttle away.

The team at ‘A Couple of Adventures’ are a mix of seasoned riders and new to the motorcycle community riders. But for all, this will be the first BOBMC Rider Mania ever.  We won’t deny how desperately eager we are to head out there with our club, represent strongly, cheer the loudest and to be a part of the heady experience that the Rider Mania brings to the saddle.

Team COA will be riding down from Pune, then meet up with members of the ‘Wolfe Pack India’ motorcycle club which has clocked in a RM registration of 87 members to date and ride in to the venue with the pack in spirited formation thereon.

Wolfe Pack India
Wolfe Pack India

This is also the first RM, that ‘The Bikerni’ will be taking an active part in. Eagerly looking forward to see women bulleteers taking part in the events with full gusto and zeal.

The Bikerni
The Bikerni

Madras Bulls or as they are fondly called ‘Mad Bulls’ took over the hosting baton from RERAM and have called in fellow bulleteers for the event at ‘Mahabalipuram’,Tamil Nadu on the 18th and 19th of January, 2014.

Madras bulls
Madras Bulls

Right by the sea, on the sandy shores is where the RM venue is set up this year. Will be interesting to see the dirt track and the races that shall occur on a challenging terrain.

Rider Mania 2014 venue
Rider Mania 2014 venue

A multitude of stalls and sponsors for the event , looking forward to grabbing some great biker merchandise at the venue.

So with all the excitement in store, Let’s Ride and Let’s Meet at BOBMC Rider Mania 2014. Vanakkam!!!

Rider Mania 2014