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The Couple on Motorcycles

There she was on a lonely space,
She rode on at a breakneck pace,
It was her aim to saddle up and fly,
It was her past she was getting past by.

There he was in a pensive place,
He had around him a charming grace,
He thought a lot and always pondering,
Still he was wandering, laughing with a glow on his face.

They met at a junction to a crazy bend,
They never imagined how it would end,
They never gave a thought to what would be,
They knew things should be left to mother destiny.

She a rebel of a different kind,
He a dynamite but with a calm happy mind,
They rode together and sparks did fly,
Oh my did they see, the turning of the caterpillar into an exotic butterfly?

Down that road, their bikes do sing,
They fly through life on happy wings,
They resonate together like melodious notes,
They flow like two joining rivers, each other they truly dote.

They are the same, but have different debatable thoughts,
The know exactly that these everyday moments cannot be bought,
They argue, they disagree, they laugh, they cry,
But to love each other is pure, they never have to lie.

Their souls are one,
They are truly meant to be,
You will never find a couple,
As unique as him and she.

She loves him as much as she loves to ride,
He loves her as much as he loves the clear, blue skies,
If they loved each other even a bit more,
Maybe the sky would burst,
Down would come angels and turn these two to dust.

They could never bear a love so pure,
It would pain them to see human emotions so clear and sure.

He is fire, she is light,
With him she smiles in pure happiness,
To his happy delight.

He is the wind, she the cool breeze,
He laughs even in sorrow,
He emits pure peace.

They will be stuff of legends one day,
They already are,
These two mad people,
Will shine on like the brightest star.