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WiLD CHiLD achieves his dream!

Golden Quadrilateral of India
Golden Quadrilateral of India

A little boy sat in a car as his family drove across the NH4 highway. He looked at his brother and said, “Bhaiya, ha highway asa kiti lamb ahe? (How far does this highway go?)”. His curiosity for the mysteries that the highway held always stayed with him as he grew up. His friends and family were told again and again about his dream to travel alone across the ‘Suvarna Chaturbhurj’ or the ‘Golden Quadrilateral’ of India.

All my bags are packed
All my bags are packed

He was now 23 and a hard-core motorcyclist. He lived and breathed motorcycles. He knew it was time to complete his dream. He researched his route, set a meager budget for himself, packed his bags, said good-bye to his family and friends and set out alone.

Lone man's journey
Lone man’s journey

Drenched in the torrential downpours of July, broken roads and endless traffic did not deter him from his journey. He slept on the high-ways, stayed in shady hotels in a dark corner of the high-way and sometimes with luck, was hosted by old friends and new.

People sweet enough to take him around their city, share the space of their home, treat him with the delicious delicacies of their city. Share a cup of tea at the dhabas. Escort him on the way out of their city and see him off. We are thankful that wonderful people like them exist.

Anirban Kundu from Eastern Bulls
Ranabir Dada from Easter Bulls
Rahul Ray from Team Momozz

An average of 850+ kms a day, sips of tea and water, and an occasional nap. That’s all he did every day as he traversed through different cities and met a variety of people who were friendly and interested in his journey.

He had a tight budget as he had put in endless hours to save up for the journey. Rs. 20,000 was what he had initially planned but eventually Rs.5,000 more had to be added to the budget.

He ate little, spent his journey on endless highways talking to family on his Sena SMH-10 bluetooth headset and intercom and took occasional breaks to click beautiful shots on his camera.

His motorcycle’s silencer fell off twice. The tyre got punctured. The nuts of his crash guard fell off. These were but little bumps on his route which got solved in no time at all.

Here I am on the road again
Here I am on the road again

His last 28 hours of the journey were the toughest. He just wanted to get back home on the day he promised he would. He knew his loved ones were waiting and he was eager to see their faces again. So more disciplines were set, less food breaks, shorter naps and non-stop riding. He rode his way home, all muddy and wet, 1650 kms from Delhi to Pune.

On his way past Mumbai, his sprocket went bald and his rear brake liners wore out. He was riding carefully now as he did not want any breakdowns now that he was so close to home.

Just 50 kms before his town, he saw a group of people standing in the dark. When Incognito shone his light on them, he recognized them as his loved ones! They were waiting to greet him and take him back home. There were tears and cheers. Every heart there was filled with joy to see him and so was he. What else could happiness be?

Happy to see him
Mom crying tears of joy

This little boy, now a man, achieved his dream through his determination, while so many people dream to do many things but never go ahead out of apprehensions. He rode hard for 8 days, through 13 states, through 9 capitals, through 4 metros, past hundred thousand people, made a mark of 6850 kms, a single rider on a single motorcycle.

Face of a Warrior

He achieved a childhood dream as a man. At Team aCOA, we are happy to say that we are truly proud of him and pray that he achieves even more.




Sena Device

Sena SMH10 Motorcycle Bluetooth(R) Headset & Intercom: A Review

WiLD CHiLD’s Review
Device: SENA SMH10

Tested on: Vega Cruiser Cut Helmet and Vega Full Face Helmet

Headset Main Unit
Headset Main Unit

I started loving the Sena kit the moment I unboxed it. I was wondering on how much time would it take to assemble the device and accessories, proceed to the fixture on my helmet, then pair it with my phone and so on. But it was a sweet surprise for me when the seemingly complicated procedure hardly took five minutes of my time.

Unboxing: SENA SMH10 dual headset comes with…..

1)Clamp unit and speakers                                                                                                                                         2)Boom microphone & Wired microphone                                                                                                      3)USB power cable                                                                                                                                                   4)Cigarette charger                                                                                                                                                           5)3.5 mm AUX cable                                                                                                                                                             6)Glued surface mounting adapter                                                                                                             7)Microphone sponges                                                                                                                                       8)Speaker pads and Velcro pads                                                                                                                                 9)Allen key

Sena Accessories
Sena Accessories


Installing the headset is very easy. You just have to fit two screws with the provided allen key, place the two speakers inside your helmet with the velcro pads, then connect either the boom mike or the wired mike depending upon your helmet and requirements and volia! you are all set to go. This entire procedure was done within a span of 5-6 minutes.

Device Setup
Device Setup

Pairing and Operating:

SENA SHM10 is a very user friendly device, it took a mere 15-20 seconds to find and pair my phone at the first instance and after that every time you switch on your device, it connects automatically within a few seconds to your phone. SENA is very easy to use with a jog dial control for music which includes volume (+ & -) and track (next & previous). It is quite easy to understand and you can get hold of all controls in 10-15 minutes from the moment of first operation. Very easy to access buttons to answer or reject calls adds to the operating comfort.

Sena Device
Sena Device

Intercom Pairing and Connecting:

Again it takes a minute to connect two SENA headsets to each other for the first time. Once your headsets are paired, you and your fellow rider are just a click away to start the conversation at any point of time. Range of the intercom was almost 500-600 meters in the city even when we had to take turns. So on a straight road or highways,it will be even better.


Mike and Speaker Functioning:

I used a boom mike as I tested it on a cut helmet. Purpose was to check how much disturbance the wind noise can cause but again with great noise cancellation technology, I could easily communicate at the speed of 60-80 kmph with no disturbance whatsoever. Decent speaker quality which gives you satisfactory output but here I would like to say that they could have done it even better.

Speaker Microphone Clamp Unit
Speaker Microphone Clamp Unit

So overall it was a very pleasant experience to use the SENA SHM10. I would give a 4.5/5 rating to this device with only a suggestion to improve the speaker quality. If riding in a group (4 way connection possible) or even solo is something that you love to do then this is definitely the device you are looking out for.

WiLD CHiLD Sand Riding
WiLD CHiLD Sand Riding

For more details and pricing http://on.fb.me/14OmK4U or visit https://www.facebook.com/letsgearup.in