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Castrol Biking revving up our road trip ‘The Coastal Dream Via the Spice Route of India.’

Watch our updates as we follow a motorcycle dream and go all out on a fun adventure…

Castrol Power 1 revving
Castrol Power 1 revving

The Coastal Dream Powered by “Castrol Power 1”

Team COA is proud to announce that “Castrol Power 1” has associated with us as the prime sponsor for The Coastal Dream ride via The Spice Route of India.
A motorcycle adventure by four hardcore motorcyclists who embark from Pune and back as they ride towards the Southern Region of India on a madcap journey.
While everyone travels to the mountains, we ride on to South India with its golden sandy beaches, dense forests, serene backwaters and a challenging coastal route.
We plan to motorcycle over a distance of  5000 km where we will cover exotic locations in the South spanning over four states of India in 15 days.