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Team #COA powered by Castrol Power 1

The Team at ‘A Couple of Adventures’ is living the bikers life with full determination and dedication. All thanks to the complete support and encouragement from CastrolBiking.



BOBMC-It all began with a simple thought

It is not easy to create a platform where clubs from different parts of India and with varied ideologies and functioning have thumped in harmony for the past twelve years.


Sometimes, a simple vision and thought can create the best out of what seems as nothing at the start. A vision to create a common platform for bulleteers and a way to spread the spirit of brotherhood, this is exactly what brought on the birth of  the ‘Brotherhood of Bulleteers Motorcycling Consortium’ in short called popularly as ‘BOBMC’.

BOBMC Brotherhood
BOBMC Brotherhood

BOBMC is brotherhood and brotherhood is BOBMC. Wonderfully intertwined and beautifully executed in the form of the ‘Rider Mania’ (conceptualized by Vernon Dias-Madras Bulls), a Royal Enfield owners event held annually by a different member club of BOBMC. An event where clubs present their colors proudly, where beer flows freely and so does good humour. Where clubs engage in good willed events against each other to see the best bulleteers win.

The friendships forged here are for life. If you ever vroom through a brother club’s state or town, or if you are in distress, these friends for life are just a throttle away.

The team at ‘A Couple of Adventures’ are a mix of seasoned riders and new to the motorcycle community riders. But for all, this will be the first BOBMC Rider Mania ever.  We won’t deny how desperately eager we are to head out there with our club, represent strongly, cheer the loudest and to be a part of the heady experience that the Rider Mania brings to the saddle.

Team COA will be riding down from Pune, then meet up with members of the ‘Wolfe Pack India’ motorcycle club which has clocked in a RM registration of 87 members to date and ride in to the venue with the pack in spirited formation thereon.

Wolfe Pack India
Wolfe Pack India

This is also the first RM, that ‘The Bikerni’ will be taking an active part in. Eagerly looking forward to see women bulleteers taking part in the events with full gusto and zeal.

The Bikerni
The Bikerni

Madras Bulls or as they are fondly called ‘Mad Bulls’ took over the hosting baton from RERAM and have called in fellow bulleteers for the event at ‘Mahabalipuram’,Tamil Nadu on the 18th and 19th of January, 2014.

Madras bulls
Madras Bulls

Right by the sea, on the sandy shores is where the RM venue is set up this year. Will be interesting to see the dirt track and the races that shall occur on a challenging terrain.

Rider Mania 2014 venue
Rider Mania 2014 venue

A multitude of stalls and sponsors for the event , looking forward to grabbing some great biker merchandise at the venue.

So with all the excitement in store, Let’s Ride and Let’s Meet at BOBMC Rider Mania 2014. Vanakkam!!!

Rider Mania 2014
A Biker's Life

A Biker’s Life

As I don my helmet and stare down that road,
my mind is cleansed off life’s heavy load,
as my engine is gunned and the bike starts running,
I smile and gaze at the wondrous nature stunning,

You know how it feels to have the wind on your face,
as you ride away from the city’s fast stressful pace,
You feel the bike rumble and growl in pleasure,
this joy, this peace, tell me how can one measure?

A biker’s life we lead and this we shall always know,
how else our passion can be fed and how can we let it grow?
Do not forget who you are and what you are meant to do,
A biker you are, will be and so to an uneventful life,
Bid a joyful Adieu…

Alpha Bikerni loves writing biker poetry