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The #MRFNVMix console is the coolest thing that I have come across

Christmas came in early this year!

I had been cribbing to my friends on Social Media that a fun contest was just not in the circuit since ages. I was really bored of the slow activity and would just browse through feeds without commenting. Thankfully, as luck would have it, I happened to stumble upon a cool contest for bikers on the Twitter Handle of ‘MRF Tyres’ called the #MRFNVMIX contest.

Let me state a fact, I am more of a classic and adventure tourer motorcycling enthusiast but I had heard quite a positive bit about the touring capabilities of the Honda CBR250R so seized the opportunity right away.

Time to Register:

I found the registration process quite simple really, all I had to do was log on to the MRF NV website through my Facebook or Google+ id, create a music track and share it across all platforms.

Music track, you say? I was a bit nervous myself. Was I expected to create a DJ track or upload a song in my voice because believe it or not, I have the voice of an angel (A drunk angel with a bad throat, to clarify).

MRFNVMIX console
The #MRFNVMIX Console

To be honest, I never knew that biking sounds could be used as musical instruments until I made my #MRFNVMix track.

Once I logged in, I was redirected to a ‘Get Started’ panel with the message ‘USE BIKE SOUNDS, CREATE YOUR MRF NV MIX AND WIN A CBR 250R.’ This was getting pretty interesting indeed.

Within the section, I found turntable panels with track types options so that I could select the genre I wanted to make my music track in.

a) Hip Hop


b) Bollywood


c) EDM


d) Rock


Why EDM has become so popular-” Foot-tapping beats+ supercool biking sounds.

I decided to select the EDM console as I prefer electronic over other genres for the long road-trips. It keeps me energetic and awake because of the high-speed rhythms.

Time to Make Music

The EDM console presented me with options based on two styles of motorcycle riding.

One of them highlighted the sounds of a street-bike (the Zapper console) while the other focused on the sounds made by an off-road bike (Mo-Grip console).

FYI: The Zapper and the Mo-Grip are one of the most popular tires sold by MRF.

The Mo-Grip console consisted of sounds that were recorded by taking the bike off-road. If you are one of those who believe in going off the beaten path then I will suggest you to choose these sounds for sure.

The engine sound used in the #MRFNVMix makes my heart race.
Why wouldn’t it? It consisted of all the sounds I love as an off-roader. Right from, the splash in the water, the self-start revs (though I am more of a kick-starter), gear-shift and many more. I picked the biking sounds I wanted to add to my mix. I really loved the sound of the gear-shift in my EDM track because it sounded just like my ride.

I had the option to preview my mixes and after a couple of attempts I was all set with my EDM track.

I selected submit and voila! my track was ready for listening. It even displays a video of a motor-bike dancing to my track which I really liked. I quickly downloaded the track as my ring-tone (Yes!There is an option to do that.) and nowadays all that I have been doing is urging, coaxing and threatening friends and fans to share my track. I really want that motorbike.

The reason I am raving so much about the contest is because the #MRFNVMIX console really made me feel like a DJ for the first time in my life and it sure did make all the right noises.

The contest is still on for a couple of weeks.

So, there is still time to register on www.mrfnv.com and get winning.

P.S: The also have a lot of mini contests running around the same hash-tag, so you have an option to win one or all of these. Good luck guys!

MRF NV Prizes
MRF NV Prizes


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